Vinyl Tile


Vinyl tile flooring is fast becoming a popular choice for homes, offices, and other commercial spaces. But why are so many choosing vinyl, and is it right for you? There are a number of reasons vinyl tiles are a great choice for any home, office, or commercial space


Vinyl flooring tends to be one of the cheaper options for flooring materials. A popular choice of vinyl is wood designs which mimic the look and feel of traditional hardwood, but which can be installed for a fraction of the price. Resistance to most common flooring damage (like scratching or termites) means that vinyl will last longer than materials like carpeting, thus saving you money over time by avoiding replacement. Because vinyl is more easily removed and installed than most other flooring options, it will also save you money when it comes time to replace your flooring--in fact, installation and removal can often be done without needing to reserve and hire professional services.

Variety of styles

Vinyl comes in a large variety of styles, colors, and designs. While a popular choice is the wood and plank designs, you can find vinyl to suit almost any room or decor. Our own plank styles come in many different shades and types, allowing you to choose the wood flooring that best fits your home.


Unlike many types of flooring, vinyl is extremely durable. It resists stains, scratches, and other damage over time better than hardwood or carpeting. The only things that tend to cause damage to vinyl are overexposure to the sun (which will fade the coloring), or rips from sharp objects. Even when damaged, because our vinyl comes in tiles, it's possible to simply remove and replace one section of your flooring, instead of having to rip up entire rooms to replace damaged sections.

Easy to Clean

Vinyl's durability also makes it easy to clean. Most vinyl flooring can be kept in order simply by sweeping and mopping regularly. Liquid and food spilled onto vinyl won't soak into it, so it's just a matter of wiping up. Unlike carpet, vinyl won't hold stains or dirt over time.

Easy installation and removal

Unlike any other flooring types, vinyl can be easily installed by yourself or quickly with a professional service. Many opt to hire a service for installation to avoid placing tiles unevenly. Even with a professional service, installing vinyl is much cheaper and faster than most other types of flooring. Once it comes time to replace or change your flooring, vinyl is also easily and cheaply removed. So unlike hardwood or carpeting, the idea of redesigning a room won't seem so daunting.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Customizable, durable and resistant to adverse environmental factors

Our dryback vinyl tile are made from PVC raw material and are constructed with three fundamental layer. The top layer consist of a UV lacquer layer that prevents and minimizes the degree of discolouration and a wear layer that generates a high level of resistant towards scratches and dust making the maintainance efficient and effective. The middle layer is made up of the printed design layer that uses advanced imaging technology to imitate and to provide a realistic natural wood impression. The bottom layer is made up of the base layer and stablity layer that adds up to achieve a high overall structural strength that greatly enhances the durability of the product.     

Dryback LVT characteristics

Dry back is the basic vinyl tiles of LVT. Its most economical and as beautiful and as real as the real thing (wood, stone or carpet).

  • No Formaldehyde, eco green product
  • Non flammable
  • Anti-termites and bacterial
  • Non-slip
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Durable and easy maintenance
  • Reduced noise (Resilent Flooring)


  • Reproduces wood and marble pattern with natural texture to create a stylish atmosphere.
  • Keeps shape due to heat and humidity by special processing.
  • Has little contraction, expansion or bending phenomena caused by changes in temperature due to special press construction method.
  • Excellent wear resistance, durability and chemical resistance.
  • Have various options by beautiful colors and modern, elegant designs.
  • Possible to use semi-permanent without contamination on surface.

PVC Tile Specification

 Specification Wood Tile SquareTile
Size 183 mm * 915 mm 457.2 mm * 457.2 mm
Thickness (±0.1) 3 mm 2.2 mm 3 mm 2.2 mm
Packing Box 20 pcs 26 pcs 16 pcs 21 pcs
m2 3.3489 4.3535 3.3445 4.3896
Weight 17.6 kgs   18 kgs  


PVC Tile Structure