EVI E0 Grade particle board

To meet the increasing demand for more environmentally friendly building products, Vi-World has introduced eco-friendly Ultra Low Emission (EO) decorative wood panels to the market. These panels are manufactured under strict conditions.

Vi-World's particleboard is recognized by Green Label Singapore and is suitable for use in all Green Star Rated architectural designs to enhance the overall environmental performance of building and construction.

Understanding the importance of the well-being of environment and customers, Vi-World Marketing is driven by its aim to offer eco-friendly E0 low emission grade Decorative Melamine Face Chipboard

One of the well-known problem in the artificial wood panels industry is the emission of formaldehyde, as the manufacturing of the wood panels required the usage of urea-formaldehyde (UF) based resin. One of the ways to effectively reduce the emission of formaldehyde is to change the type of formaldehyde resin used during the manufacturing process of artificial boards

However, majority of the wood panel manufacturers still tend to opt for UF E2 resin due to its useful properties. UF E2 resin is made by combining urea and formaldehyde, there 2 components can undergo self-decomposition for approximately 8 to 15 years. Short-term exposure may cause irritation to eyes, nose, skin and throat, dizziness and nausea. While long-term exposure causes all types of cancer, stunted fetal grown and even deformities. Besides that, World Health Organization (WHO) has also proposed an indoor air quality guideline where formaldehyde levels should not exceed 0.1mg/m3, and only E0 grade wood panels boards fits this criteria.

Vi-World Marketing's E0 grade Decorative Melamine Face Chipboard is a new type of safe & eco-friendly Decorative Melamine Face Chipboard that are produces by using Ultra-Low Formaldehyde content (E0). Recongnized by Green Label Singapore, these eco-friendly, Ultra-Low emission Decorative Melamine Face Chipboards are suitable to be installed for indoor renovation, system furniture and furniture panels. The formaldehyde emission issue can only be solves if only Ultra-Low Formaldehye Chipboard are used in the furniture making.



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Green Label Certificate


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